RESEARCH LABORATORIES (Construction Photographs)

The Yale University School of Medicine's Brady Memorial Laboratory Second Floor Renovation achieved a LEED Gold certification in December, 2009. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED certification is an internationally acknowledged standard for environmentally conscious design. Its criteria include sustainable siting and materials, water efficiency, energy savings, indoor air quality, day lighting, consumer waste management and design innovation. For this project, over 20% of total building replacements were manufactured using recycled material and more than 40% water use reduction was achieved compared to conventional standards. In addition, 97% of generated waste was diverted from landfills to recycling agencies. The project creates a 15,000 GSF modern research laboratory and restores the original lobby within an early twentieth century academic building. The former facilities had antiquated mechanical systems and undersized workspaces. TATE+BURNS met the client's rigorous standards for a 21st century research facility without altering the building's exterior appearance. The result is neither a generic modern laboratory nor a typical infill project. Rather, it is an efficient and aesthetically pleasing workspace that successfully marries modern technology and historic design. Babbidge Facilities Construction provided construction management. Other collaborators included the Yale School of Medicine, R.G. Vanderweil Engineers (MEPFP), Atelier Ten (LEED), Michael Horton Associates (Structural), Robert Schwartz and Associates (Specifications), Philip R. Sherman, P.E. (Code), IRN (Waste Management) and other subcontractors and suppliers.
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